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Termites are one of the most dangerous wood destroying organisms. They dwell beneath a layer of thin brown mud like material which makes tracking them difficult. Termites may excavate the wood so that only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface between their cavities and the outside. Godrej Pest Control Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon, with its wide experience in the field, provides comprehensive termite control solutions that are long lasting and cost effective. The types of termite control treatment measures Godrej Pest Control Delhi include direct liquid treatments and liquid treatments applied at various vulnerable locations of the property. The team of experts at Godrej Pest Control Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon undertakes a thorough inspection of the client’s property to find out the intensity of the damage and suggest solutions accordingly. Control Termite: In nature, termites help to convert dead wood and other organic materials containing cellulose to humus. From this stand point, termites are very beneficial animals. Only when people began building with wood in the natural home of the termite did the termites start feeding on building. Termites are social insects. This means there is a division of labor among different types of individuals, called castes. (Some ants, bees, and wasps are also social insects). Nearly all termite species have reproductive and soldier castes. In many termite societies, there is also distinct worker caste, but in most of the more primitive species, the typical duties of the workers (nest building, food gathering and feeding of the reproductive and soldiers) are handled entirely by the nymphs. Even in species with workers, the older nymphs usually do much of the work. Each termite colony is self-supporting and essentially independent of other colonies. The workings of subterranean termites differ from those of all other wood destroying organisms. These termites remove only the soft layers (spring wood) within the annual rings of the wood grain, penetrating the hard layers only to get from those of all other wood destroying organisms. These termites remove only the soft layers (spring wood) within the annual rings of the wood grain, penetrating the hard layers only to gen from one soft layer to another. This frequently leaves a damaged piece of wood looking very much like the pages of a book. The most distinctive feature of subterranean termite damage is the presence of a brown mud like material that lines the galleries in an irregular pattern. Subterranean termites travel constantly from their nests in the ground to the wood, or to the other cellulose-bearing material upon which they feed. They make these trips only inside wood or in the mud tubes that they construct. Single tubes, when they are built in the open, are about the diameter of an ordinary lead pencil. The presence of live termites in mud tubes or within wood is, of course, certain evidence of their presence. Failure to find live termites, however, does not necessarily mean that they are not present in the structure. An inspector must be able to distinguish the difference between new and old workings. As a general rule, old mud is dry and brittle and breaks away easily. Fresh workings will be moist. Godrej Pest Control Delhi has effective solutions to help residential and commercial properties get rid of their termite problem. Godrej Pest Control Delhi, with its wide experience in the field, provides comprehensive termite control solutions that are long lasting and cost effective.
Our Service Offered Residential Post-Construction
Homes: 1 year contract with initial treatment and regular checkup attending call backs if any during the course of the contract period.
2-year contract also available at an attractive price please call for details. If entire building is treated, a 5-year service warranty* is provided.
Pre-Construction: 5-year service warranty* from the date of commencement of treatment. Commercial: Contracts with single 5-year guarantee.

Cockroaches typically become established in homes after being introduced in grocery bags, with laundry or in some cases, wandering in from outdoors. Once cockroaches become established they are prolific breeders capable of producing several thousand offspring in a year. Because cockroaches eat a wide range of food, including rotting garbage, it is believed that they spread a number of diseases to humans including salmonella and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches can also cause allergies. Godrej Pest Control Delhi carries out a Gel Treatment for cockroach control. This is a totally odourless cockroach control treatment carried out at your residential premises. Cockroach control treatment doesn’t involve any special preparation on your part. Residents can stay in the premises during and after the treatment. The treatment can be carried out at any day and time of your convenience.
Our Service Offered
• Annual Contract consisting of 3 treatments for cockroach control.
• Single 1 Time cockroach treatment convertible to annual contract with supplemental charges.

Godrej Mosquito Control Program Options: Godrej Pest Control Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida & Gurgaon makes available program options to suit your needs. A scheduled service every week throughout mosquito season is a worry-free way to control mosquitoes. This service is a combination of spraying and fogging. We also offer one-time treatments which are carried out prior to events. These are complete 24 to 72 hours prior to the event for maximum effectiveness. Godrej Pest Control Delhi offer free residential and commercial estimates for our Mosquito Pest Control Program. A thorough inspection is carried out to identify mosquito breeding areas on the property and based on the findings a program is scheduled which is best suited for your property.

These blood sucking insects are commonly found in unhygienic conditions and in public places like hospitals, public transport vehicles, hostels and guest houses, PVR etc. Passive in daytime and active at nights, these creatures attack people from their dwelling in places like beds, sofa, mattresses, baggage, pillows, blankets, curtains etc. Godrej Pest Control Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida & Gurgaon measures are based on thorough surveillance of the residential premises. Godrej Pest Control Delhi conducts a comprehensive search in all possible dwelling of the bugs and infuses remedies accordingly to get rid of them. The procedures of cleaning, application of proper insecticides/pesticides and other treatments then follow as per the magnitude of the problem.
Service Offered:
One Time for 45 Days Contract attending free call backs if any during the period of the contract.
Three months contract for 90 days attending free call backs if any during the period of the contract.

Insect, rodent, and wildlife pests are more than an annoyance, they can damage structures, harm our environments, transmit disease, and cause other health hazards. Rodents are one the main causes for serious damage to your health by contaminating food and spreading various diseases. Godrej Pest Control Delhi advanced rodent control system protects your home and your family with our proactive and preventive service. It is developed to tackle the problem of rodents in buildings such as residential, commercial, malls, hospitals, airports, schools, prayer grounds & buildings, pharmaceutical industry, food establishments and other vulnerable areas in a successful manner. Godrej Pest Control Delhi also provide area wide or community wide rodent control services.
Our Services Offered: Of only common areas in buildings, car parking lots, exteriors of the buildings, garden, compound and sundries.